A dead-simple recording studio that fits in the palm of your hand.


Soundcheck in seconds

Spire “Soundcheck” automatically sets the perfect levels for the clearest sound in less than ten seconds. Hit one button, play at your normal volume for a few seconds, and you’re ready to go. You never have to worry about distorted or clipped audio.


One-touch recording

Record up to eight tracks of audio in a single project with no tech barriers to overcome. Finally, sound like a professional audio engineer without having to be one.


Simplify mixing

Use the Spire app’s visual mixer to adjust the volume and panning of individual tracks, so you can blend them into a song that’s ready to share.


Swipe your effects

Easily swipe left and right on studio-quality recording effects like reverbs, delays, and amp models that you can hear with no lag in your headphones.


“…a dead-simple approach to capturing songs and ideas with the help of a gizmo you can throw in your bag.”


“Hobbyists can have an easy intro to multitrack recording, something that's harder and harder to come by in the increasingly complex world of software recording.“


“For an at-home player who wants to share music with their friends, it might be the perfect way to get an easy, high-quality recording to post on social media.“

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Spire Studio

Professional quality recording, anytime, anywhere. Quick, easy and with pristine clarity.

$349 USD

  • Sound like a pro with a studio-quality, built-in microphone
  • Hassle-free setup—start recording in seconds
  • Pair wirelessly with the free iOS or Android app to add effects, edit, mix
  • Record anywhere with a 4-hour rechargeable battery
  • Quickly share recordings with friends and bandmates