Effects in the Spire App

Recording with effects is easy using Spire! Start by making sure your phone and Spire app are successfully connected to Spire Studio, then create a new project (or open an existing one). Before you start recording, touch the input meter to the left of the track to expand the input controls menu as shown below:

android-effects 1 a
android-effects 1 b


Select “Recording Effects” from this menu to view the Effects menu. From here you can choose from the following Effects:


  • Verb '65
  • Tube 30
  • Bass


  • Acoustic Shaper
  • Warm Voice
  • Intimate Space Vibes
  • Deep Space Vibes
  • Vintage Dub Echo


  • Big Air
  • Rhythm Section

Choose “None Selected” to record your track with no effects. To hear the effects, please be sure that you have headphones plugged in to your Spire Studio, and that you have Monitor turned on in the input controls menu. Effects cannot be added after recording, and cannot be removed once recorded to a track.