Recording—Simplified: Soul Musician Aaron Taylor Offers Advice

August 7, 2017 | by Jon Simmons

Aaron Taylor by Matt Miller

Photo by Matt Miller

Recording music shouldn’t be complicated. In this ongoing series, we’re asking musicians to offer their tips for simplifying the recording process. Soul singer-songwriter Aaron Taylor gives his quick take. (Click here to read iZotope’s full interview with Aaron Taylor.)

For aspiring musicians who are intimidated by the belief that recording is complicated and time-consuming, what tips would you have to simplify the recording process?

I’m probably the least complicated musician out here. My initial advice would be start where you are and use what you have, whether that is stock plugins, basic MIDI patches or one microphone. People like to acquire more without taking the time to really understand what is already in their arsenal, particularly when it comes to gear. You’d be surprised with what you can accomplish with minimal resources.

However, recognise what is within your power and what isn’t—you may be good at producing but not so good at mixing/mastering; there’s nothing wrong with outsourcing to someone better or a professional for certain things.

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Recording—Simplified: Soul Musician Aaron Taylor Offers Advice