3 Times Spire Studio Simplifies Mobile Recording

By D I Hughes, Spire Contributor | February 4th, 2019

spire studio on desk with app

Wherever you are in the world, an easy to use, studio-quality mobile recording setup will make sure you never let your inspiration pass you by. You can document your ideas and create professional songs in a flash. Empower yourself to make music in almost any situation with the portable, intuitive and studio-grade recording of Spire Studio.

Here are three times that Spire Studio simplifies the mobile recording experience.

1. Record in a busy cafe, bar, or restaurant

You’re sitting in a cafe waiting to meet a fellow musician to jam and record some song ideas. An earworm you’ve had running through your mind all morning enters the forefront of your mind, and you feel the urge to document it before it gets lost forever. You have your electric guitar with you and some time to spare.

How Spire helps:

You take your guitar from its case, swiftly tune it up and place Spire Studio on a table in a comfortable corner of the cafe alongside your mobile device with the app ready to go. You connect the two devices with Spire Studio’s built-in Wi-Fi network, set up a track, and plug your guitar directly to the unit via the dedicated line input.

Next, you tailor the tempo and time signature to your guitar part with the app’s in-built metronome function:

Press Spire’s Soundcheck button, and once it auto-calibrates the perfect level to prevent clipping, you’re ready to record. Try a few takes, keep the best one, label your track and order another coffee, safe in the knowledge that your idea is ready to work on with your friend later in the afternoon.

2. Mobile recording on the road

You and your two bandmates are in your van, driving cross country to play a gig the next day. Halfway through your 12-hour voyage, you pull over for a break at a rest stop.

On the way, you spoke about an acoustic track you want to get down and share with your fans before tomorrow’s show. That would be a far-fetched notion if you didn’t have your Spire Studio in tow!

How Spire helps:

Before you know it, you’re all sat inside the van, instruments in hand with your Spire Studio and mobile app ready for action—the entire setup process has cost you a mere 10 minutes of your time.

First, don your headphones, adding an Acoustic Shaper reverb effect to your guitar channel to create atmosphere—one of Spire Studio’s 10 studio-grade effects which include ultra-realistic spaces, amps and pedal emulations.

Within 30 minutes, you can have your main rhythm tracks, lead lines, vocals and percussion locked down with Spire Studio’s noiseless preamps and high-quality omnidirectional microphone to capture a sound that is dynamic, flawless and rich in tone.

From here, it’s easy to pack up, jump back in the van and continue the second leg of your journey. On the way, use the app’s visual mixer to experiment with panning and set the perfect levels, bringing your song to life before bestowing it with a title and sharing it through SoundCloud and Facebook directly from the app.

3. Mobile recording at home

While recording at home (or at someone else’s place) may not seem like a mobile recording setting, with so many distractions at home, having a portable means of recording professional quality with ease is priceless to any musician.

You’ve been doing chores all morning while a song you’ve written is whistling around in your head. Your housemates have all gone out and you have a couple of hours or before your friends are coming over for drinks. You tidy up, put the drinks in the refrigerator and you have two hours to spare—now’s the time to strike.

How Spire helps:

Fire up your Spire Studio, plug in your keyboard through one of the inputs on the back, and once you set your recording level as well as your metronome, go ahead and lay down the foundations of your song, track by track.

Using the built-in jack inputs, plus the unit’s onboard phantom power to record vocals with your external microphone, in addition to the app’s editing tools and a host of Spire Studio’s studio-grade effects, you build an epic arrangement and spend a little time settling on a satisfying mix. To complete the song, you swiftly share your project with a talented bass player you know who also has a Spire Studio so they can add an epic groove to your track while you get ready to play host to your friends.

For more on tracking sharing and working on a song in separate places, explore our guide to long distance collaboration.

To demonstrate Spire’s home-based mobile recording capabilities, here is a demo that I recorded in a little over an hour.

While these three scenarios are perhaps the most common and relate to many similar mobile recording settings, it’s clear that this technology frees you from the shackles of a single recording location, giving you the power to make the music you love wherever you may be in the world—and that, my friend, is a wonderful thing.

For inspiration on how to create a simple arrangement with ease, follow our guide to creating a simple three-chord song with Spire.

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