Recording—Simplified: Synth-Soul band luhx. Dreams about the Swiss Alps

June 26, 2017 | by Jon Simmons

luhx. by Collin Keller Photography

luhx. | by Collin Keller Photography

Recording music shouldn’t be complicated. In this ongoing series, we’re asking musicians to offer their tips for simplifying the recording process. Here, Boston-based synth-soul band luhx. chimes in.

What techniques work for you to capture song ideas?

Anything can spark a song idea, from a movie to a night out. It’s important for us to convey raw, honest emotion to connect with our listeners. The initial writing often starts with a voice memo and a notepad, then we start demos on Ableton or Logic.

At what point do you make the decision that a song is ready to record?

We find it fairly important to record almost all of our ideas either as a simple demo or to radio standard even if it's not appropriate for this specific project—mostly to have things prepared for other avenues in the industry or to spark new ideas. Typically, we will have a fairly good demo or shell of the track. We’ll sit on that for a few days, edit our writing, and then once all writing is finished, we’ll go into the studio to get final cuts.

How do you simplify the recording process?

Luckily, being students at Berklee College of Music we've had access to top of the line equipment and haven't had to simplify our recording process. But now, as graduates, that's a question we'll need to start answering.

What’s your ideal recording environment?

A studio in the swiss alps, with unlimited views and snacks (although any room with decent isolation will work). Ideally, we go into a studio to make sure our vocals and drums are captured properly.

What’s your recording environment from hell like? What types of frustrations have you run into, and how do you try to alleviate them?

Any room with a lot of reflection, or a closet. No matter who told you, a closet is never a good idea! I track demos in my room (untreated), but I pay careful attention to my gain structure. Typically, I also want the source to be captured as close to the mic as possible. Less gain, less outside noise from the street, city, etc. 

luhx. by Collin Keller Photography 2

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