Recording—Simplified: Damn Tall Buildings Gives One, Simple Piece of Advice

June 26, 2017 | by Jon Simmons

Damn Tall Buildings by Tucker Mitchell

Damn Tall Buildings | Photo by Tucker Mitchell

Recording music shouldn’t be complicated. In this ongoing series, we’re asking musicians to offer their tips for simplifying the recording process. Avery “Montana'” Ballotta (vocals/fiddle) of guerilla roots string band Damn Tall Buildings explains why you should “embrace realness” while recording.

How do you simplify the recording process?

Embrace realness! Mistakes come and go about as often as our own breath. When treated as an everyday tool for growth, instead of a make-or-break hurdle, recording can become a part of your creative process as much as the writing itself. Every recording we’ve done (from iPhone demos to studio albums) informs future projects. We often discover new ideas for songs or are inspired to rework things because we are able to listen back to earlier recordings.

One of the best tricks we’ve come across is finding a way to “forget” you are recording. One of the ways to achieve this is by hitting record and noodling, being silly, making weird & new noises before jumping into a take can help push through some of the nerves/shakiness that comes with being hyper-aware of the recording.

Having fun is one of the most important ingredients in a creative life. Using whatever tools available to you at the time to capture a bit of that fun is what makes it live beyond the moment. We’re always adding to our life stories; the more we capture, the more we learn.

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