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How do I get the Spire app?

Click here to visit the app store page, or search for “Spire: Multitrack Music Recorder” in the App Store.

How can I listen to the metronome while recording?

To hear the metronome while recording, enter the Tempo tab in your project, and turn the metronome ON. After setting your tempo and time signature, press Record (the big red circle). Please note, the metronome can only be heard through headphones while recording, so make sure you have your headphones plugged in if you want to hear the metronome!

Click here for more information about using the metronome!

How do I adjust the microphone input level?

To adjust the input level, open your Spire project and touch the meter to the left of the empty track, which will expand the level adjustment bar. Slide to the left to increase the input level, or to the right to decrease!



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